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How To Fast Beauty Tricks For Holiday Parties

You have been invited to the holiday party of the year and you really want to stand out. This year, you are going to make everyone sit up and take notice! Lets get started.

Here’s How to look perfect for holiday parties:

  • 1.   Before the big night arrives, decide on what you are going to wear and then try it on. Make sure you like what you see BEFORE the night of the party.
  • 2.   Everyone CAN wear red lipstick, you simply have to find the right color. If you have warm skin tones (yellow tones in your skin) you will need a red with an orange or brown base. Pinker skin tones need a blue base.
  • 3.   Don’t let your eyes compete with your lips. If you are looking to wear red lipstick, this will be the focal point. Go easy on the eye makeup.
  • 4.   Did you know that eating garlic can affect the scent of your fragrance. Who would have thought?
  • 5.   Take a nice long bubble bath before you head out to the party. You will be relaxed and ready to have fun. We don’t want stress ruining our night.
  • 6.   Your hair… why not try a new style? I have lots of simple updo’s that you can master yourself. You can be as elegant as you want to be.
  • 7.   Don’t feel that you have to wear a dress. If you feel more comfortable in trousers, you can dress them up for the occasion.
  • 8.   Don’t go overboard on the accessories. Less is definitely more in this case.
  • 9.   Make sure that your nail polish is freshly applied and looking gorgeous. No chips allowed.
  • 10.   Be sure to be on your best behavior. This might be the most important tip of all.

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