Long, Sexy Prom Hair With a Flip

Quick Tip: Long, Sexy Prom Hair With a Flip

This is a great, easy look to do yourself & works best on medium-to-long hair. Here’s some tips on how to do this sexy look yourself.

  • The procedure essentials: blowdryer is a must go in there. Besides that be sure to have thickening spray, metal barrel brush & hairspray.
  • Before venturing in, please note: This style works best on thick, straight, medium or long hair. If you have curly hair, this will work too, but you’ll need a straightening iron. On the other hand, having coarsed hairstyle is fine. It is more than fine, this is OK, but definitely straighten it with an iron & spritz shine serum on. By doing this, you will give you the appearance of having naturally straight hair. Any haircut you go with this type of hair is going to be really shiny and extra sparkly for your looks.
  • Spray thickening spray on wet hair: To give hair body, you need to use spray on your roots. I like Bumble & Bumble.
  • Blowdry hair: Secret here is to blowdry hair upside down. Leave damp ends for the next step.
  • Blowdry ends tips: There is this little hand twist that you can also implement. The trick is to use styling spray on ends & then curl ends up with the metal round brush. You also blow-dry the end of hair while doing this movement.
  • Spray, but not too much: You don’t want to look like a helmet head, do you? 

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